Storm of Chaos

Session Five: Into The Underdark

The underdark is a dangerous place and it is wise for travellers to find a swift exit.

The party heard a loud rumbling sound and through a wall behind them burst a gigantic insectoid-looking creature. It had burrowed through the wall and began to run towards them. They didn’t hesitate to respond and headed down the nearby ladder into the cavern beneath the cave.

They saw a group of goblins who were taking a drink from a river and Obsidian decided to change her shape to that of a goblin with her magic ring. She spoke to them and told them she was from another goblin tribe, but eventually thought it fruitless to follow them back to their home and the goblin band left.

They travelled around in the underdark, trying to find their way around in the dimness, finally coming to a small dwarven town called Forgehome. Obsidian again decided to transform and took on the likeness of a dwarf. She told the guards at the town gates that she was from the Blackhammer clan and Morg was her construct. She was fortunate, as there was a real Blackhammer clan and they were well-known in town. Before they got the chance to enter town however, a duergar necromancer named Mardovic was spotted approaching the town with a small army of zombies. The town guard and the party fought them, defeating them all. They were granted entrance to the town and quickly found their way to a local tavern, seeking to ask for a way to the surface. They found that the dwarves here did not venture to the surface often and moved their town when they ran out of resources. Uncertain, Obsidian decided to sleep the night there, but Morg did not have to sleep for as long and stayed up.


Morg noticed a fancy-looking dwarf entering the tavern with two armed guards and he drew the old dwarf’s interest with his metal skin. The dwarf introduced himself as Halagmar, the town mayor and Morg decided this could be their chance. He went back over to wake Obsidian, who begrudgingly awoke to meet the mayor. The mayor had found out that they were the ones who stopped Mardovic and thanked them personally for their efforts. When they asked him how to get to the surface, he provided them with a guard to escort them there. They left Forgehome briskly, seeking to reunite with their pirate crew as soon as they could. On their way to the surface, they encountered a few underdark predators, but nothing they couldn’t handle as they made their way to the surface.



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