Storm of Chaos

Session Three: Jailbreak!

They left the cave and went back to Sailrest looking for their ship and crew to find that they were missing and their ship had been taken. After asking some locals they discovered that they had been captured during a raid on the town by the authorities from Port Ka’apla. The group bought a wagon and a horse and travelled north to Port Ka’apla looking for the crew. Once in town, they went to the Southern Traders and Merchants Authority. They found their crew had been thrown into jail and were awaiting trial.
In order to get the money for bail, they took to the streets, using their acrobatic skill and showmanship to win over the crowd. Over the course of hours and hours they managed to scrounge up the money to get one crew member bailed out. They chose to have the first mate Sadie released and left to plan how they would execute the jailbreak. A tiefling named Marble introduced herself asking if they knew where Obsidian was, but as Obsidian was shapeshifted at the time, the group lied and said they didn’t know. Once Marble left, they formed a plan about stealing one of the town guard’s uniforms. Obsidian used her changeling powers to become identical to the guard, travelling back to the jails. Once there, she relieved the guard on duty, tricking him into leaving her the keys. Once she had released the crew of the Avarice, they needed to find their ship at the docks. The pirates used their superior numbers to scare away the guards from the docks and jumped aboard their ship, setting sail for Sailrest again.

Eventually, the group all headed back to the cave they had found earlier, but the white dragon was gone and only the statue remained. After some careful searching, Morg found a secret passageway that led into another section of the cave where they were attacked by creatures that dropped from the ceiling. Once they defeated the creatures, the passageway continued down further into the cave.




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