Storm of Chaos

Session Eight: The Wizard

A fight breaks out, Maramros joins the group and a plan is hatched.

Maramros, a sha’ir wizard had just managed to outrun a nearby tavern’s owner after his familiar, Alhezid, stole a drink of Arkhosian Dragonblood.
He managed to duck into another building called The Twisted Talon.

After recovering their wits from the previous battle and after Morg made an unusual discovery about himself, Marble, Obsidian and Morg made their way to The Twisted Talon. Marble had elected to buy Obsidian a drink and catch up.
On the building outside, Obsidian noticed a wanted poster with her picture on it. The reward was 5000gp if she was dead and 10000 if she was alive. Entering the bar, they noticed that a hooded wizard across the room from them was busy playing a game of cards with a dragonborn.
Marble found a table and bought drinks over, then told Marble about Shale. Shale, one of her fellow assassins, had been sent on a mission to assassinate a high priest of Bahamut on a nearby island. There was apparently an underground group of Zehir worshippers on Oldaka that wished to eliminate the temple of Bahamut on the island.

A short time passed as they spoke, then a group of soldiers came into the building. One of them commanded: “In the name of Xin-Daigo II, holy ruler of Ojira and Lord Emperor of these lands, we hereby demand a search of everyone in this bar!”
The owner complied and the guards slowly made their way around the room, eventually coming to Marble and Obsidian. He questioned them, revealing that he had a ring of true seeing and could see that Obsidian had been attempting to conceal her identity with her own ring of disguise. At that moment, another city guard barged through, seeing Maramros and seeking his capture for the crime of theft.
A fight broke out and the trio of Marble, Obsidian and Morg fought the guards tooth and nail. Maramros took the opportunity to run upstairs and leapt out the window to the street below. Seeking an escape, he ran into the pirate crew of the Avarice. Noticing other guards in the street coming to investigate the noise, he hastily joined the pirate crew and they all marched on The Twisted Talon.


Once the group had time to talk, it was revealed that Captain Redloch had discovered a rumour that the Emperor, in this city, possessed some of the legendary treasure they were seeking.
The group hatched a plan to sneak into the palace, but first they needed some reconnaissance on the palace so they weren’t getting into a deathtrap.



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