Storm of Chaos

Session Fifteen: Ikawu

The Protectors of Etherium were led by a dragonborn named Providence. They seem to be a religious group, but instead of focusing on a deity, they were reverent of history. They wanted to protect the past and catalogue history for the future. They told Morg that they had been tracking Rary for some time and he had led them here. He was famously trying to pursue Mordenkainen’s work and they had hoped he would find it so they could protect it. They asked Morg to follow them to Oldaka, where they had a temple for such artifacts. He declined, and so they instead decided to provide him with protection and aid on the condition that he would return to them someday. The group accepted their help, receiving an Exodus Knife and a ship from them.

The group decided to head northwest to Ikawu, but it was slow travel with only a few people to crew a ship. They came upon a strange city which rose from the sea as they passed it. It turned out to be a city of green-skinned aquatic creatures which came to the surface once every twenty years for a meeting with Marid. The blue-skinned giant Marid arrived shortly, their pharaoh thinking that the group had come as observers of the ceremony. They decided to go along with it and watch the ceremony. They offered a gift to the pharaoh but he did not find it satisfactory and seemed offended. They all entered the shell-covered city and entered a great hall where the meeting formally took place. The Marid and the green creatures seemed to be making a kind of deal, which the group discovered meant that they could move their underwater city at will in exchange for their obedience. They group eventually found a gift they thought would be worthy of the pharaoh and he was pleased with it. He gave them a boon, enabling their ship to be aided by the waves beneath it (meaning they could pilot it with a minimal crew).



They departed the city, which sank again beneath the waves. Northwest they sailed, soon arriving in Ikawu. The island was mostly uninhabited, covered with thick bamboo forest. Eventually though, they met the hermit who lived there, who told them his name was Ikawu. After a frustrating conversation they managed to discover an obelisk that resided in a nearby cave, unlocking some of Morg’s magical barriers created by Mordenkainen. Ikawu decided to train Morg and Obsidian in martial arts if they could prove themselves. He told them to go to an island named Ongondalos and find a gold tablet in the maze and bring it back to him. They departed soon after.



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