Storm of Chaos

Session Fourteen: Rary

The group stayed the night to rest after the werewolf attack. The next day they heard rumours about a sea serpent that had apparently washed ashore. Since they had to wait a few hours for their ship to depart, they decided to investigate. They discovered the serpent, which looked as if made from bone, but did not appear to be alive.
They heard a noise from behind them, which turned out to be a voice. It belonged to a kenku named Rary, who claimed to have been searching for Morg, the final creation of Mordenkainen. He told them that he had been lucky to find them, overhearing Marble whining about them in Xin-Tijh some time ago.
He told them that he was a remarkable wizard, once a companion of Mordenkainen himself, but now he would prove himself stronger than Mordenkainen by destroying his last work! He brought the serpent lying on the beach to life and conjured a fire servant to assist him.

Morg was swallowed by the sea serpent, but retaliated by summoning his trihorn behemoth inside the creature, blowing out its sides and injuring it severely. Meanwhile, Obsidian and the Warlock took on Rary, fighting to defend themselves.



When they defeated Rary, they broke his legs and arms. They took his captive and returned to the town to find a group of dragonborn known as the Protectors of Etherium who wished to speak with Morg.



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