Storm of Chaos

Session Nine: The Map

The party traded for a map of the Emperor's palace and Maramros had an encounter with an old friend of Obsidian.

Captain Redloch announced to the crew of the Avarice that he would offer a reward to anyone who could find a legitimate map of the Emperor’s Palace in the city. To this end, Maramros, Morg and Obsidian met with an information broker in the city known as Andujar. He was apprehensive at the idea of getting them a map of the palace, but agreed. The group headed into the city of Xin-Tijh, enjoying the sights and sounds of the marketplace. Obsidian recognised a familiar face in the crowd. Shale, followed by a cadre of cloaked followers, was searching in the marketplace. Obsidian and Morg managed to hide from her, but Maramros was not so quick. She asked him if he knew anyone named Obsidian, and he lied to send her away as quickly as possible.
The group headed to Maal-Destir, a food place in the market. They found the food of the Dragonborn to be quite tough.
They headed back to the ship, chatting with Mileena and Wulrech about the storm around the isles, among other things. Before long, it was time for them to return to Andujar and retrieve the map. They did so, but Andujar was terrified. He told them that he only just managed to escape from a local architect’s home before the city guard raided the place. He managed to recover the map and wanted to clean his hands of it as soon as he could.
The party returned to the ship with the map and the captain invited them into his quarters to study it.





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