Storm of Chaos

Session One: The Mutiny

A rebellion against the captain and a tale of a legendary treasure.

The party began their story aboard a ship named Avarice on Tenthday, Firstmonth in the Year 200 of the Seventh Age. A wizard named Lucas Darkharrow led a mutiny against Captain Redloch and the party sided with the captain. After a skirmish between those crew who joined Lucas and those loyal to the Captain, the mutineers were slain and Lucas was thrown overboard, bleeding to death.


Captain Redloch decided to make port for Eikan in order to replace his dead crew and to sell spice they had plundered from a merchant ship. Once ashore, they entered the Cankerous Craud, a tavern that was rowdy with pirates drinking. Quinn felt the need to vent his emotions and got into a fight with some pirates, eventually felling them all.
The crew and Captain Redloch were busy listening to an old man who was telling stories. He told them all of a legendary dragonborn pirate who stole treasure from a rich man in the Reach up north. The pirate was pursued, but managed to escape long enough to hide the treasure. The old man told them that he heard the pirate was hung for his crime, but the treasure was still somewhere in the cavernous mountains of Jur’rak.

The ship and its crew left Eikan the next day to head northeast and pursue the treasure in Jur’rak. On the way there, they noticed they weren’t the only pirates that had heard of the treasure. Two ships came up alongside the Avarice and began to fire upon it. Utilising both their own skills and a catapault mounted on the back of the Avarice, the party managed to take down the crew of both ships and safely travelled to Jur’rak. There, the Captain split the crew up into groups to search the mountain for the cave and the treasure.




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