Storm of Chaos

Session Seven: The Festival of Scales, Part Two

The heroes fight some mysterious dragonborn and things from their past collide with the present.

Obsidian and Morg continued to run from the massive zombie horror that pursued them. They managed to get ahead of it, arriving in a plaza with a giant dragon statue in the centre.
As they entered the plaza they noticed dragonborn dancing and celebrating, but heard a scream as they looked to the southern end of the buildings. A dragonborn was burning in a circle of flames and on the roof was a hooded dragonborn with an orb and wand in its hand. It looked over at Morg and Obsidian, asking what they were doing here. Morg and Obsidian both made a rude gesture at the dragonborn, which enraged it. It demanded they give it respect, and called out to an ally across the street from it on another roof.


A number of zombies shuffled and stumbled their way into the street from around the corners.
Morg and Obsidian decided to climb onto the rooftops too, attempting to leave the plaza and lose the dragonborn duo and the undead. They heard a deep roaring sound and saw that the massive zombie they had escaped from finally arrived in the plaza, clumsily running into the street. Just when the situation looked dire, a cloaked figure in black arrived on another rooftop. It called out to Obsidian: “You look ridiculous in that disguise!” Then she leapt to the back of the giant zombie and began to stab it with daggers.
Morg and Obsidian decided to attack the now-distracted dragonborn in the street, as the more nimble of the two attempted to climb onto their roof.

Eventually the woman in black managed to kill the big zombie, turning to fight the dragonborn mage who had begun to cross the street. Morg and Obsidian joined her, Morg putting down the head of the dragonborn he’d torn off. They proved victorious as Obsidian and Morg quickly dispatched the remaining zombies.


The new arrival introduced herself as Marble. She told Obsidian that she should return to the Horns of Midnight (assassin group) so that she can plead for her life, otherwise Grandmaster Zethaya would send minions out to bring her home. Obsidian declined, preferring to take her chances with the minions and travelling with her pirate crew. Marble said that she would not stop her, but they should catch up before she departs. She offered to buy a drink for Obsidian while they conversed.

While this was happening, Morg felt a strange sensation in his head. He began to hear a voice speak to him:
“Hello, my creation. I am the mage, Mordenkainen. This spell was designed to activate some time after ye had gained consciousness. I should first start by saying that there are numerous spells that I have placed in yer body. This first was designed to activate once ye’d had enough time to get used to being aware and how it feels to have a body. Hopefully ye can walk, by Ioun. Ye are my last hope, my last desperate attempt to survive this conflict. The Sage Council has turned on me. We have been at war for many years and I feel myself growing weary, running out of places to hide. I fear that the Seven will find my hideout soon and shall seek an end for me. It is likely they will succeed, but you will be my legacy. At some point in the future, you will be found and others will likely seek to unlock yer secrets. If they can awaken ye, then my life’s work will not have been in vain. However, the secrets I have placed inside ye are powerful and should not fall into the wrong hands. As such, they have been locked behind ten layers of magical protection. As far as I can tell, nothing less than a god or near-god mortal could pry the secrets from ye.

I have a request, and by all means, I understand if ye refuse. I am merely an old fool who seeks to maintain his life’s work. There is an island called Ikawu. Under that island I have entombed a monolith that will activate when ye touch it. This will unlock the first layer of magical protection. It is likely that it will have been hundreds, maybe thousands of years since I placed it there however. Be careful. And, know this. Though I have never met you and may never have the chance, you are the closest thing I may ever have to a son. If you do help me, then I thank you."



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