Storm of Chaos

Session Sixteen: Thel-Agos

The group sailed north to Ongondalos, finding that the island was barren, covered in rocky crags. A bit of exploration revealed that there was a small bay however that housed a cave that lead deep into the earth. They moored their ship and made their way down. They found an underground city ruled by minotaur named Thel-Agos. They figured that these tunnels must be the maze and they could ask people about the gold tablet. They did not find any leads on the tablet, but found that the city had a strong mining industry. They bought a map of the local surrounding area and decided to head to the Lost Mines.



Ongondalos local map

Map key:
1. Thel-Agos
2.The Chamber of Eyes
3.Bloodreaver Hideout
4.The Shining Road
5.Avenue of Glory
6.The Road of Shadows
7.The Horned Hold
8.Houses of Silence
9.The Deep Stair
10.The Well of Demons
13.The Road of Lanterns
14.Hall of the Broken Dragon
15.Ruined Tower
16.Palace of Zaamdul

When they reached the mines, they found a group of smelly rock-lizard creatures which attacked them. They managed to defeat the creatures easily enough, but decided to avoid further conflict when they saw another creature skulking in the dark. They found a map that seemed to mark a place of treasure nearby and decided to follow it.




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