Storm of Chaos

Session Thirteen: Escape from the Elemental Chaos

The group headed towards Fumeran’s Palace, having completed their mission for him. They discovered he was not there, and spoke to an Azer about him briefly. They then discovered that he was disguised magically as that Azer and he was testing their loyalty. As reward, he offered Morg and Obsidian his patronage. He asked them all to be his agents in the Isles and gave them a companion who would fight alongside them. Fumeran provided them with a portal back to the city of Xin-Tijh, where they discovered that the other pirates had left when the Dragonborn Emperor’s palace disappeared suddenly.

The party acquired the services of a local dragonborn captain to catch up with the pirates, but the ship only went as far as Osae.


In Osae, they discovered a farming community. The next ship sailing was going to be the next day, so they stayed the night. They soon realised that the town had been attacked regularly at night by werewolves, and evacuated the small town to the ship. The werewolves gave pursuit however and only quick thinking and quick reflexes saved them from becoming the next victims of the beasts. Morg summoned his trihorn behemoth, managing to knock the werewolves into the water and scaring them away, for now.




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