Storm of Chaos

Session Twelve: Sea of Fire

The party investigates the City of Brass and completes a task for Fumeran.

Now in the Elemental Chaos, the group decided to head to Fumeran’s palace to seek a way home. With Alhezid as their guide, they made their way through the City of Brass with minimal danger, finally reaching the palace. With a bit of dealing, they managed to buy their way home from Fumeran with a task they could complete for him. They were asked to head to the Sea of Fire and destroy a vessel that carried a cargo for a rival Efreet. Fumeran granted them a protection against fire so that they could traverse the magma. They made their way to the city docks and were provided a small rowboat. Some way out they encountered a creature swimming in the magma that attacked them.


They destroyed the creature with some difficulty and began to search again for the vessel. Eventually they spotted a ship with a crew of Azer aboard that had the markings of Abdul-Azim Abassi, the Efreeti Sultan on the side. They moved close to the vessel then jumped it, defeating the crew. The Azer panicked, releasing a small blue slaad upon them in desperation. The party killed the slaad, but not before it infected one of them with its terrible phage. The group took what they wanted from the ship’s cargo then destroyed the rest. They sailed both vessels backs to the docks to report back to Fumeran about their success and find a cure for the slaadi infection.





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