Storm of Chaos

Session Two: The Cave of Jur'rak

The pirate crew was split into groups to search for the treasure. Morg, Obsidian, Quinn and Rangrim were part of their own group.
The group searched for hours, but finally stumbled upon a part of the mountain wall that could be passed through. An illusion concealed a cave entrance. The party entered, finding that the cavern opened into a lit chamber. By chance, Morg had picked up a stick to feel their way through the dark, and discovered a gelatinous cube in the cave using the stick. The group snuck past the cube, finding a group of kobolds worshipping a dragon wyrmling that sat on a pile of treasure. Behind the dragon wyrmling was a gigantic statue of a dragon carved from rock.


The kobolds thought they heard something, and ventured around the side of the wall to find the group. A battle ensued, and the white dragon commanded the kobolds to defend it.
The battle was lost by the kobolds, but a last kobold came round the corner after telling the dragon something in draconic. It revealed itself to be a human named Julian disguised as a kobold thanks to a magical ring. It told them that it was studying the dragon, and that they should leave this place. The group, in true pirate spirit, took his ring and decided to leave with him as a prisoner. They would return to the cave with the whole pirate crew to take the treasure.




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