Var'Helrikk (Reaver)

A drow with a strong bloodlust.


His armour seemed to have been crafted in the visage of a demon. Scaled armour covered his chest; the once abyssal black had now faded to a dull grey black blend. Upon his shoulders sat two completely different pauldrons. On his right hung a rounded dull shield of iron, whilst the other boasted twin axe heads sharpened to an edge. Dull iron decorated his right arm, in the similar demonic fashion. Large spikes protruded from his forearm, and his armoured gauntlet ended in claws. His left arm was unarmoured, muscled and black; within his hand hung a great axe. His headpiece was a unique design, with thin triangular iron strips hugging his scalp and cradling the back of his head. The strips met at his forehead to form a larger acute triangle that touched his nose. The design of the helmet allowed full range of sight, and his white hair to flow out of the spaces.


Var'Helrikk (Reaver)

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