A Brief History of Existence

There have been Seven Ages as time is divided by mortals.

The First Age – The Timeless Age. Very little is known about this time period. Somehow the planes were created, or sprung into existence. The gods and primordials also appeared.

The Second Age – The Dawn War. The gods and primordials fought over the newly created world of Atlea. The gods won and sealed away many of the primordials.

The Third Age – The Age of Dragons. The world is ruled by dragons and by their now-forgotten god.
The Dragon war begins. The relative peace of the world is destroyed as Tiamat and Bahamut go to war. It is a stalemate, and Erathis, Pelor and Moradin assist in rebuilding civilisation and bring a new age to the world, where humanoid creatures are prevalent.

The Fourth Age – The Age of Glory – An age of prosperity and riches, the greatest empires in the history of the world existed during this time.
Many details are unavailable though, as records have been destroyed and tampered with.
Tiamat invades the world at the end of this age. A powerful mortal and Bahamut force Tiamat to enter a contract where she cannot invade the world again.

The Fifth Age – The Age of Magic – A Council is established to watch over the world and seek to protect it from evil forces, maintaining a balance. It is unknown how it happened, but a powerful force starts the apocalyptic War of Ages that brings mortals to their knees. The council disappears from all but oral history.

The Sixth Age – The Age of Rebirth (sometimes called the Age of Oblivion) – Begins at the end of the War of Ages. It is unknown how the war ended.

In the years following, new empires were established. The great empires of Amrelnia, Bael Turath and Arkhosia dominate the world.

Seventh Age – The 7th age began with the fall of the great empires of Atlea. A cataclysmic demonic invasion destroyed most of the empires of Arkhosia, Bael Turath, and Amrelnia. Eventually the invasion was ceased, and the ruined empires began to rebuild. The kingdom of Amrelnia is re-established, but the former powers of Bael Turath and Arkhosia are scattered. The empire of Khosh becomes a major power.

Tenthday of Firstmonth, Year 200 of the Seventh Age – The beginning of this campaign.

A Brief History of Existence

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