Storm of Chaos

Session Nineteen: The Drow

Var’Helrikk, Ilthia, Obsidian, Morg, the warlock, one of the grimlocks and Maramros climbed the rope, finding themselves again in the cavern with the underground stream. Soon they discovered though that the cavern ahead of them had changed. It was a large, open section where before they had been in the old dwarven mines. Rumours of the Underdark’s propensity for changing structure on travelers and making them lost appeared to be true.
They heard another group approaching and identified them as a band of drow. The matron, Sal’eena of the House Ja’zahl led the band and their male drow slave, addressing Var’Helrikk and asking why a lone drow male was traveling through the underdark. She asked him what house he was from and when he answered with House Var, she scoffed and told him that his house was exiled from the Underdark generations ago for cowardice. She ordered him and the rest of the party to offer her tribute otherwise she would not let them pass.
They refused. It was a bloody and deadly battle, blades clashed and spells flew through the air, the slave drow being led by the band even transformed into a drider with a word of power from Sal’eena. When the dust cleared though, it was the party who was victorious. They took Sal’eena prisoner and Var’Helrikk forced her to apologise to him before he killed her.


They left the cavern and began to try to find their way back to Thel-Agos. After a few hundred metres of travel in almost complete darkness, they saw a figure up ahead materialise before them. It was a young woman clutching a metal sphere. She introduced herself as Alicia Dalamar and she told them she was a traveler from Ovifirth. She told them that the sphere was her sister and was cursed millennia ago to teleport once every 24 hours to a random location in all the planes. She told them that she had been trying over and over again to find a way to cure her sister, but has not been able to find one. Any time she had got close, had a lead on a contact that would be able to help her, she found herself running out of time, then not returning to that place again until well after whoever could help her had passed on. She’d even tried setting up plans so that information would be transferred down the generations, but it failed each time. She traveled with them and after a few hours, they made it to Thel-Agos again.



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