Storm of Chaos

Session Seventeen: Island of Gold

The group followed the map they had discovered to a waterfall that led down into a underground sea. Cautious, they sent Morg down to investigate first and he found an island, ordinarily featureless, that became golden as he got closer to it. He heard the sound of oars rowing and decided to duck underwater and escape notice. The island maintained a slight gold hint at the edge where he had gone underwater and soon the shadow of a beholder and a few humanoid creatures lingered over the water above him. He continued to stay still, acting as though he were a statue. The beholder seemed interested and got its allies to dive down and bring him to the surface. They dragged him ashore and noticed that the island had become completely golden and covered with slight runes around the edges as he reached the centre. A drow came ashore as well, speaking to the beholder about whether they should take the ‘statue’ apart and try to understand how it’s making the island change. Finally reaching the limit of their caution, the rest of the party jumped down into the water as Morg activated his jade statuette of a tri-horn behemoth and tried to fight his way out. The beholder had one more ally though, an owlbear that had been chained up.


Though his allies had come to his rescue, Morg was clearly in trouble. The beholder shot eye rays at the group who struggled to swim ashore quickly. Though they dodged a few of them, it was too much for them when the drow pulled out his axe and charged them. The drow was surprised to find that Obsidian almost took him out of the fight even fighting in the water. Maramros killed the other humanoid creatures that served the beholder with his potent magic while the warlock threw spell after forbidden spell at the beholder. The air was thick with tension as it seemed that the party might not survive. The beholder turned them all to stone, one by one, but Obsidian resisted and broke free. She decided whether to desperately try to fight her way out or to bide her time. She called for parlay and the beholder took them aboard it’s ship, the Death’s Gaze as crew members.




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