Storm of Chaos

Session Ten Point Five: The Past

Two flashbacks reveal a bit of Morg and Maramros' past.

This session was a flashback to two major events that happened to Morg and Maramros.

Morg’s flashback was to his time with the monks of Mnelasi who, upon finding him in the snow, took him in. He could not speak, but slowly he began to learn by listening to the monks and through their teachings. He noticed after some time staying with them that they practiced daily rituals that involved strange movements and even brief bouts of controlled fighting. He was interested, and joined them. The monks taught him everything they could about their martial arts over the next few weeks. Morg became quite skilled at fighting quickly. One day, a wyvern and it’s babies came to attack the monk village, almost killing everyone living there. Morg fought valiantly, but was not strong enough yet to defeat the creature. He lost consciousness fighting it, but a strange thing happened. He felt a power within him gathering and the energy was expelled in a massive blast that knocked the creature unconscious. He awoke the monks, who remarked that he must have some kind of magical power locked away inside him. Eventually, Morg decided to leave the monks to search for clues about his creator and why he was made.



Maramros’ flashback was to a task he was given whilst in the city of Xin-Tijh not too long ago. Alhezid had returned on his daily visit to the Elemental Chaos with the spells that Maramros needed but had other news as well. Fumeran, Maramros’ benefactor had requested that he find and destroy a group who were trafficking something illegal beneath the city. Al-hezid told Maramros that the Efreeti competed for power in the mortal realm through their agents (in this case, Maramros) and having domination in an area was incredibly useful to them. Maramros accepted the task and headed under the city as quickly as he could. After a brief search, he uncovered a cavern that was host to a small storage room. Maramros carefully snuck up to it in the dimly-lit cavern to find that it was locked. After a short bout of attacking the door, he had weakened the wood enough to bash through it with his shoulder. Inside the room he found crates and barrels containing a fine powder substance he recognised as Dla’iss dust, a narcotic that was illegal in most places. He decided to destroy the crates and lit the whole building on fire. As he left the building, he heard noises coming from across the cavern and discovered that there were several dragonborn coming down a stairwell. They bickered about their task of moving the heavy crates of the dust until Maramros acted. He sent over Alhezid
to fight them, utilising his familiar’s ability to cast a single spell to engulf the dragonborn in flames. It wasn’t long before there was nothing left of them but ashes and Maramros destroyed the rest of the crates. Alhezid revealed to Maramros that he knew the name of the efreet that the dragonborn ultimately worked for: Abdul-Azim Abassi.




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