-Find the rest of the Legendary Dragonborn’s Treasure.

-Var’Helrikk specific:
-Pillage Nuranu.

-Morg specific:
-Bring the hermit on Ikawu the golden tablet to prove himself worthy of training.

-Travel to Ikawu and find the monolith to unlock the first layer of his magical protection.

Obsidian specific:
-Return to the Horns of Midnight
-Keep the minions sent by the Horns of Midnight from capturing her
(there are more options but these are the most obvious ones)

Maramros specific:
-Discover who or what was behind the destruction of his home.

-Find the treasure in the cave of Jur’rak.
-Retrieve a map of the Dragonborn Emperor’s Palace.
-Steal the portion of the legendary treasure that resides in the Palace in Xin-Tijh.
-Kill the Dragonborn Emperor Xin-Daigo
-Escape from the Elemental Chaos.


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